Rayman Kart Mobile Game

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Skid out like a madman in the most off-the-wall Kart races on mobile.

Throw yourself into totally wild races where you'll have to make your mark with wicked skids and destructive bonus weapons!

Plunge into the heart of the zany world of Rayman Kart and go up against the Raving Rabbit, Globox, and other characters from the Rayman series on 16 different courses.

Rayman Kart is the only mobile Kart game to provide awesomely fun driving sensations with its unbelievable skids, dizzying jumps, and much more.

Accessible to all players, the five game modes and the sharp opponents will make each race unique and even more delirious than the last!

- The only Kart game on mobile with driving sensations as fun as on consoles!
- Whip out spectacular skids and dizzying jumps and push your opponents into the surroundings.
- The most complete Kart game on mobile with 8 worlds, 32 races, and 5 game modes!
- Slick opponents with evil AI, making each race totally unique.
- Discover the zany world of Rayman and go up against the Raving Rabbits, Globox, and many others!

Nokia 3250 (S60v3 176x208) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/352717_
Nokia E62 (S60v3 320x240) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/296668_
Nokia N80 (S60v3 352x416) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/296540_
Nokia 6600 (S60v2 176x208) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/352717_
Sony Ericsson K700 (176x220) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/244937_
Sony Ericsson W910 (240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/352155_
Nokia 3510i (S30 96x65) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/244940_
Nokia 6101 (S40v2 128x160) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/244939_
Nokia 6151 (S40v3 128x160) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/304090_