Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Sam Fisher faces his most challenging mission yet, a mission that will require a new skill set that includes slyness, stealth and speed. To stop a devastating attack, he must infiltrate a vicious terrorist group and destroy it from within. For the first time ever, experience the relentless tension and gut-wrenching dilemmas of life as a double agent.

- The new installment of the Splinter Cell series: the benchmark of
stealth / action games, and a mobile blockbuster.

- A true revolution in the Splinter Cell world, by far the less "traditional" episode and "sexiest" Splinter Cell: double agent concept showing a "different" Sam, unexpected story allowing brand new gameplay...
- Many new innovations (gameplay, graphics...) in the brand tradition of excellence.
- Replay value and long lifespan with several difficulty levels to unlock.

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Nokia 3650 (S60v1 176x208)
Nokia 7650 (S60v1 176x208)
Nokia N70 (S60v2 176x208)
Nokia 3250 (S60v3 176x208)
Nokia N91 (S60v3 176x208)
Nokia 5700 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia 6120 Classic (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia 6124 Classic (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia 6220 Classic (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E50 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E51 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E65 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N73 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N75 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N77 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N81 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N82 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N92 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N93 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N95 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N95 8GB (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N96 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E62 (S60v3 320x240)
Nokia 3510i (S30 96x65)
Nokia 3100 (S40v1 128x128)
Nokia 2610 (S40v2 128x128)
Nokia 6230 (S40v2 128x128)
Nokia 3155 (S40v2 128x160)
Nokia 6151 (S40v3 128x160)
Nokia 2760 (S40v5 128x160)
Nokia 6233 (S40v3 240x320)
Sony Ericsson K700 (176x220)
Sony Ericsson G900 (240x320)
Sony Ericsson Z750 (240x320)
Sony Ericsson T610/T630/Z600
HTC Star Trek (240x320)
Samsung i320 (320x240)