Themes for A1200/E6

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Blued Theme for A1200/E6

New iRok theme for A1200 and Rokr E6

More Themes:

Skin and Splash Installer for A1200/ ROKR E6
Splash installer is the installer used to install the startup animation.

Skin Installer is the installer used to install Skins onto the phone.

Instructions to Install :

1. Download Skin and Splash installer Here:

2. Download Smart Assistant Here

3. Manually install Smart Assistant as given in the manual(provided with it).

4. Copy the files BusyBox_1.4.pkg,ezxpopup_A1200_E6_1.0.pkg,and respective Skin Installer and Splash Installer to the phone.

5. Browse to the folder where you stored the files,and tap and hold on the BusyBox_1.4.pkg.A popup menu will open ,Select "Open With" in the Popup Menu and select "Smart Assistant" from the list and it will start the installation.

6. Do the same for Skin and Splash installer,You are done.

To Install a Skin,

1. Copy the skin files from the downloaded file,and copy them to the Memory Card.

2. Tap and hold on the installation file(xxxx.pskn),Select "Open With" from the Popup Menu and select "Skin" and then install.

3. A Voice Says That Installation is Complete.

4. You are Done,Restart your phone, Look the change appearing on screen.