The “Themes Creator” is now official and supports all Sony Ericsson phones that support themes (except P900, of course). Sony Ericsson Themes Creator is a software that helps you personalize your mobile phone. With a bit of work and creativity, you can make your phone look completely different from the rest, since you can change almost everything you see on the screen (except font face, some icons…).
By the way, there’s still NO WAY to remove the operator logo.

Some features:

When launching the application for the first time, you will be asked to choose a phone model. This will be the mobile phone model used when previewing the current theme in the application. Of course a theme can be saved for one phone model and can be opened in another mobile phone preview, as long as they belong to the same theme version.
The application remembers the last mobile phone model that was used before closing a Themes Creator session. When a theme file (*.thm or *.utz) is opened in the Windows Explorer, an error might occur because the opened theme file is not compatible with the current phone model. Therefore, it is recommended that you first start the Sony Ericsson Themes Creator, then choose the appropriate mobile phone model, and finally open the theme file.
The Symbian graphic format (MultiBitMap – MBM) is required for the P900/P910 theme to provide the graphical effects of the mobile phone. The application converts MBM files in opened theme files to BMP files which are displayed in the preview pane of the Sony Ericsson Themes Creator. Therefore, the appearance of the MBM skins might differ from the appearance in the actual P900/P910 devices.
If a P900/P910 theme (not created in the Themes Creator) is opened and an MBM file does not contain the correct number of bitmaps, these bitmaps will not be shown in the applications.
If not all bitmaps for an MBM file are present in the Themes Creator when saving the theme, a warning message is displayed. If the warning is ignored, and the theme is saved, this specific MBM file will not be included in the theme.


· Mobile Phone Monitor is necessary for this program.

· 10 MB hard disk
· 128 MB system RAM
· 300 MHz CPU