Encyclopedia of Education

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Book Description :

Though this is called the second edition of the 1971 Macmillan set, all of the articles are new. They cover policy and curriculum issues (Accreditation in the United States, Class size and student learning, Scheduling, Single-sex institutions); learning (Categorization and concept learning, learning theory); assessment (General educational development test, Statewide testing); standards (School reform, Standards movement in American education); history and culture (G.I. Bill of Rights; Islam; Special education: History of); legislation (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) ; and profiles of organizations, schools, and people (Gary schools; Harvard University; Military academies; Montessori, Maria). The writing is well edited and accessible, with more than 850 signed articles from nearly the same number of experts. Articles range from 1 to 20 pages or more. Topics that are quite broad (e.g., Risk behaviors) are divided into multiple sections (e.g., Drug use among teens, Suicide, Teen pregnancy, etc.). Such sections contain individual bibliographies. Bibliographies cite both primary and secondary literature as well as Internet resources, such as government or association sites, when appropriate.