Gangstar 2- Kings Of L.A
128x128 128x160 176x220 240x320| JAVA | 1.42 MB

A new release! Show how tough you are in 75 different missions to become the King of the L.A. gangs!

Features :
* Explore the streets and buildings of a sprawling metropolis 4X bigger than in the first Gangstar!
* Open gameplay: fight, rob, explore, start businesses and complete missions at your own pace!
* Survive 75 varied missions: infiltrate gangs, assassinate, film stunts or become a movie tycoon!
* Enhanced playability: auto-aiming, intuitive car controls, GPS map and more.
* Choose from an arsenal of handguns, rifles and bazookas, and ride in cars, on quads or on motorbikes.
* A world full of bustling streets, hip-hop music and colorful characters with an intriguing story.