JGUI Bio.Id v1.1

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JGUI Bio.Id v1.1 | 5 Mb

BIO.ID. is a program for Windows Mobile phones. It displays user identification gate, eye iris, fingerprint, or voice, when the new text message arrives. In other words, it is a new text message notification alert. It replaces the default system notification with much better effects. Plus, a few new functions. Because Windows Mobile phones have not build-in identification sensors, at least for now, in 2008, this is only simulation, only a fake. But it allows you to feel much better, and in some situation to really wow your friend. ...or some accidental observer.

BIO.ID. functions and features:
# 3 themes: eye iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, voice reconizing
# 2 voices: woman, man, to announce messages, or short vibrating without announces
# "You've got message..." repeats after a minute, then every 3 minutes, up to 10 times (to save battery)
# auto-deleting every message marked as Read in Inbox, or when you open some message to read
# delays of deleting: 15 seconds, minute, 15 minutes, one hour, or on the next morning
# modes of deleting: move to Deleted Items folder, or delete completely

While BIO.ID. interface displays on screen:
# first pressing of any button, or quick touching the screen: start to scan
# next one pressing or touching: finish, turn off BIO.ID. interface, and open Inbox
# additional possibility of user action: to omit the scanning mode: quick move on the screen up and down a little,
or quick press up and down navigate buttons: it will bring the Inbox faster without voices

When you use so called: Profiles, or change sound volume down,
BIO.ID. will not play alerts, when you use Silent Profile, or vibrating, or volume set to zero. In opposite it will try to vibrate shortly, if you set any BIO.ID. voice to use.

Additionally, it's recommended to turn-off default notification about New text message.