Trixcell's 3Cups

Trixcell's 3Cups | 5 Mb

Perform a very amazing magic trick on your mobile phone and amaze your friends.

It is a small application for mobile phones with java enabled.
The sample video is included.This video will thrill you and you'd want to do it too.
The apllication is very small size but you need the video to see the trick.Thats why i've included it.
Just install it on your phone and you 'll get the hidden instructions in the MENU option.

* Category: Mind Reading
* Skill Level: Easy

The mind reading version of the classic street con!

On screen are 3 cups, each hiding a random colored ball. When a cup is picked to reveal a ball, the hidden balls are shuffled. There's no telling which ball will show up next. Unless... there's a mind reader in sight – you!

* Can be handed out for inspection.
* Effect can be repeated.
* No additional props needed.
* Built-in performance instructions.
* Link to streaming video demonstration (optional).

* Tell a friend via SMS (optional).
* Localized to English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.
* Supported on more than 400 popular handsets.
* Coming soon to iPhone and iPod touch.