(English: Hell's Ground) is an Urdu-English film directed by Omar Khan. It premiered at the NatFilm Festival in Denmark and has since been screened at festivals all over the world including Toronto, NYC, London, Neuchatel, Stockholm, Cape Town, Austin, Philadelphia, Cambridge, Puerto Rico, Sitges, Valencia, Oslo, Helsinki with several more festival dates lined up. Recently the film has passed censors in Pakistan (with 8 - 10 seconds cut) and will soon become the first non 35mm, HDV feature film released in Pakistan cinema history.
ZIBAHKHANA - HELL's GROUND WON the BEST FILM 2008 JURY'S AWARD at the RIOFAN Film Festival, Rio, Brazil ZIBAHKHANA - Hell's Ground WON the JURY's SPECIAL AWARD For BEST GORE at the Fantastic Film Festival, Austin, TX 2007

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