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China Mobile always in criticism but the impact of china mobile phone is so hard that it's sales haven't affected. The Most attractive features of china Mobile phone is it includes more than expected and deserved features in less than half of prize as compared to other mobile phone. The volume of china mobile phone it so loud that no other company mobile phone could compete it. The unique size and attractive design wins critics heart.

After gaining all the positive point china mobile phone lacking very badly on one part???. Yes you guess right china mobile parts and software. Both the important accessories are not available in market. This fact of china mobile really regret the users.

But you don't have to wait any more because this blog brought you a latest interesting china mobile game. You can download in install it at the same way like symbian mobile users do.
So don't wait any more just download fast and tell your friend about the new stuffs that you have hunted in his blog.

CLICK the blow given links to download 10 outstanding china mobile games first time ever.

1. 1942
2. 1943-10
3. Action in New York
4. Adventures of Bayou Billy
5. Adventures of Lolo
6. After Burner 2
7. Air Fortress
8. Akumajou Dracula
9. Antarctic Adventure
10. Arkanoid