Ferrari GT HD 1.0

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Ferrari GT HD 1.0
Mobile Games | 10mb | Rs,Hf

Make your dream come true… own a Ferrari. Join the elite circle of Ferrari car owners and take part in exclusive races around the globe. Choose from 33 car models including the F430, Enzo Ferrari, Testarossa, 250 GTO, and the brand new Ferrari California. Experience each one’s unique driving sensations through 3 control modes including touch, motion detection, and virtual wheel mode. Then streak across 7 cities and 1 circuit in a racing simulation that tests your speed and control. Take on challenges from other Ferrari drivers for fame, plotting your own course to the finish line, and then moving on to the next city for new challenges.


- 33 authentic Ferrari car models: the new Ferrari California, F430, Enzo Ferrari, F40, Testarossa, 250 GTO, and more.
- A multiplayer mode to challenge friends in heated races.
- 3 control modes (including motion detection) for varied and realistic driving sensations.
- Complete courses on a circuit to obtain your driver’s license.
- Great sense of freedom as you travel across 7 famous cities (Madrid, Athens, and more), choosing your own path at every crossroad.

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