Upload files and Earn money

Earn up to 20 Euro for gaining us a new customer!

Whenever a new customer purchases a Premium Account using your ReferrerLink, you will receive up to ten ReferrerPoints.
Collect ReferrerPoints and redeem them in our rewards program or have them paid out in cash!

  • Have you been convinced by the quality of our service? Let others know about it, too! From this time on you can even earn money by acquiring new customers.Even now, in this moment, a customer can buy an account and earn you up to 20 EURO by doing so! You can acquire new customers in the following ways:
    1. Link with Referrer ID
    2. File upload
  • Link with Referrer ID
    You can put an individual link containing your Referrer ID on your website. The link will look like this: http://rapidshare.com/premium.html?ref=REFSTRING
  • You can see your individual REFSTRING in the Premium or Collector's Zone.
  • Whenever a user buys a Premium Account via PayPal from that page, the resulting ReferrerPoints will be credited to your account.
  • File upload
    Additionally we will of course give you ReferrerPoints if someone buys a Premium Account from the download page of a file you have uploaded. The Referrer ID will also be integrated during countdown and on error sites, e.g. in case the download limit has already been reached. RapidPoints, which are also needed for payout, are obtainable not only by offering files but also by every payment for renewal of your account, so your account can hold many RapidPoints without you having offered files.

Rapidshare Free Account

(1) RapidShare provides its free users with line and memory capacity at its sole discretion. It is entitled to temporarily disallow the saving of new files, to determine limitations regarding the maximum possible file size, to have the download of files only started after a waiting period, to adapt the rate of transmission to the visitor traffic and to limit the amount of the maximum permissible downloads per file. RapidShare points out that in order to clean up its hard drives it deletes such files which were uploaded by free users and which were not accessed for a time period of 90 days.
(2) Users of the RapidShare infrastructure have the opportunity of registering so-called "Collector's Accounts". Free users can upgrade the functionality of the RapidShare services by means of those Collector's Accounts and can have all files which have been uploaded via this account displayed and managed.

Rapidshare Premium Account

(1) Apart from the free use indicated under section III, users of the RapidShare infrastructure have the opportunity of establishing premium memberships subject to costs with which they can make use of additional services.
(2) RapidShare shall - for the duration of his/her premium membership - provide each user with a volume of at least 500 GB web space in which the user can save his/her own files. Automatic file deletions according to section III (1) sentence 3 do not take place for premium users. Furthermore, RapidShare offers its premium users the opportunity of downloading every day without a waiting period and at a maximum speed a data volume as indicated during acquisition of the membership.
(3) The run-time for new premium memberships begins as soon as the user has logged on in his/her membership area (Premium Account) for the first time, however at the latest 21 days after the membership has been established. Premium users are obligated not to reveal the user names and passwords which are communicated to them. A transmission of user names and passwords to third parties is prohibited. A business like resale of premium memberships is only permitted with the consent of RapidShare. RapidShare reserves the right to disable memberships which are used directly or indirectly by several persons or which have been resold in a businesslike manner without the consent of RapidShare. RapidShare will not compensate damages caused by users who give away their passwords to third parties and/or by hackers who steal personal data/passwords from users.
(4) RapidShare would only like to render its services to customers who have made a conscious choice of becoming a member. Therefore, premium memberships are not automatically prolonged but rather end with the expiration of the booked time period without a cancellation being necessary. However, RapidShare reminds its premium users via email of an upcoming expiration of premium memberships and offers users the opportunity of prolonging their membership.
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