R.U.S.H EX Mobile Java Game
Screen Size: 176x208, 176x220, 240x320 | 1.3mb | rar

As time passes, everything changes, but the rate remains unchanged, and every minute he wants more and more. It is this contingent of fans continued simmulyatora RUSH oriented careers Qplaze Ex. The speed leaves no one indifferent. During its existence, the automobile has become - have become more powerful engines, coal replaced the metal, and how it has changed for his speed in the direction of simplicity and simplification, discarding all superfluous. Changed and R.U.S.H. Now - more speed, more optimization in the most common 3D phones, and entirely new look. The faster performance and more crazy race - with new cars, tracks and disasters, forcing even the pale test dummies, crash!

Game Features:
- New tracks and vehicles for the craziest endurance;
- Realistic physics, massive casualties and a lot of explosions of colors;
- The race is unmatched in the dynamics of the most popular phone models;
- Easy and convenient management;